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USS Forrestal CVA-59 
Attack Air Craft Carrier

Code 08

February 4, 1964

To whom it may concern:

I have personally know Michael Marino for the past twenty four months. During this period he has served in the Medical Department as a Hospital Corpsman aboard the USS Forrestal (CVA-59). 

During this period this ship has operated extensively in the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea under some extremely trying situations. Mike Marino has conducted himself in a highly commendable manner during this entire period. 

He is the type of individual who is very conscious in every task he has undertaken. His performance of his duties within the Medical Department in the care and treatment of patients, has been highly satisfactory. 

His dependability and reliance is of the highest order. He has been heartedly recommended for retention in the United States Navy. However he has chosen to follow a civilian career, thus I would highly recommend Mike Marino for further pursuit of his medical education or in any endeavor he undertakes. 

R G Ireland
Commander R. G. Ireland MD
Medical Department United States Navy
Senior Medical Officer